How it all came to pass:

This project was sparked by a tape recording that Jack O'Connor made of a dance evening at the Bradford arena way back in 1955, with Frank Fortune Calling and the Myron Colby Orchestra playing. Jack was entranced by the banjo playing of George Rounds, and recorded the evening in part so that he could learn some of what George was doing. Some 30 years later, Jack made a cassette copy of the tape for me, as he knew that I liked to do singing calls, and was always looking for new material. Over the course of time, I learned many of Frank's singing squares from the tape.

Several years later, I met Bob Boynton Jr while he was performing at the New Hampshire Folk Festival's dance stage. Bob is the grandson of Myron Colby, Frank's fiddle player, and he was doing many of Frank's singing calls. So some time after the festival, I sent a copy of Jack's tape to Bob and his Mom - Janice Colby Boynton.

Two years ago, Dudley Laufman asked me for a copy of Jack's tape. After procrastinating for quite a while, it struck me that the tape was probably of interest to a wider audience, and it would be great to put in on the web. As I started editing the audio and constructing the web site, it became obvious to me that there was a greater story to be told, so I got in touch with Janice Colby Boynton to ask her some questions about the dance. Janice immediately got enthused about the project, and spent the next several months in the Fall of 2006 and the Winter of 2007 traveling around New Hampshire, talking to people who went to the dances, and doing research in some of the local libraries. Janice enlisted her sister Myrna Colby Toutant to help her edit the material that she had gathered, and to help with collecting their family artifacts for the project.

A big thanks to Janice and Myrna for all the time and effort that they have spent on this!

Janice adds: "During the course of this research I have talked to many people. They are listed below in no particular order. If I omitted someone from this list, I sincerely apologize - please contact us so we can add your name. There are so many more of you out there who have memories of these dances, I have only scratched the surface. This list will be growing and we will update it as time goes on."

Robert Messer, Bradford
Harriet Douglas, Bradford
Wilbur Grace, Wilmot
Millie Kittredge, Bradford
Eleanor Rounds Kimball, Webster
Stewart Fortune, Warner
Del Harris, Bradford
Marion Jones, Webster
Lewis & Edna Bartlett, Boscawen
William & Jean Nadon, Bellingham MA
Roy Parsons, South Newbury
Richard Fortune, Warner
Woody & Ginny Roberts, Contoocook
Don Keith, Bradford
Marcia Young Palmater, Somerville, MA
Graham Gordon, Milford
Theda Stone Bassett, Warner
Donald and Nancy Smith, Dunbarton
Walter Heath, Hillsboro
Clyde & Shirley Currier, Andover
Pat Knight, Concord
Mary Page Seymour, Concord
Clint and Maxrene Patten, Concord
Ted and Gail Starkweather, W. Franklin
Ted Young, Warner
Tom Page, Danbury
Liz Keniston, Allenstown
John Fortune, Bradford
David & Paula Carnes, Wellston, OK
Sally Fortune Bagley, Bradford
Pete & Bev Michaud, Claremont, NH
Lee Keyser, Andover
Walt & Bonnie Morse, Hillsboro
Janice Colby Boynton, Dunbarton
Myrna Colby Toutant, Bowler, WI
Billiegene Nadon Lavallee, Bellingham, MA
Jim and Judy Stone, Dunbarton
Jack O'Connor, Carlisle, MA
Sonny Harris, Bradford
Mim & John Lorden, Webster
Phyllis Hoar Roberts, Webster
Marie Cummings, Boscawen
Jackie Ansart Miller, Newport
Faith Anderson, Webster
Bill & Joy Eaton, Bow
Louise French, Henniker
Carol LeClair, Newbury
Lola Jones, Boscawen
Ruth McLaughlin, Milford
Lloyd Stone, Jr., Warner
Leslie Hammond, Dunbarton
Marcia Strout, Bradford
Donald Gould, Andover
Pat Inman, Webster
Kay Drowns, Webster
Judy Waters Willoughby, Bradford
Royce Riddle, Bow
Marilyn Abelli, Tewksbury, MA
Willis & Connie Brown, FL
Alice & Bill Hilton, Zephyrhills, FL
Cliff Sillars, Dover
Linda Meserve, Boscawen
Al Witham, S. Deerfield, MA
Pebbles Sillars, Sutton Mills
Marge Cilley, Bradford
Bill Fortune, Lee

Warner Historical Society - Rebecca Courser, Mary Cogswell, Don Wheeler
Bradford Historical Society - Millie Kitteridge
Warner and Bradford Town Libraries

    Kearsarge Independent
    Webster Town History, 1933-1983

Eventually this material is headed to the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music and Dance in Durham NH, so if you have any comments, corrections, or material that you would like to add, don't hesitate to get in touch with me at 617-547-7781 (or Walter_LenkComcast.Net), or to give Janice Colby Boynton a call at 603-774-4412.

Walter Lenk, Cambridge MA.         2006/2007