Sometime in 1955, Jack O'Connor (then a teenager) brought a 'Voice of Music' reel to reel tape recorder to one of Frank's dances at his barn. He set it up in front of the stage, and recorded a good part of the evening (about 120 minutes). As Jack remembers it, the mic (a ceramic mic that came with the tape recorder) was originally set up on the stage floor, but after Frank's first set of squares he moved it up to Frank's mic stand to better pick up his voice.

The format of the evening was typically 3 round dances (i.e. waltz, foxtrot, polka, schottische, etc), followed by a set of 3 squares (mostly singing), followed by 3 round dances, followed by 3 squares, etc. The dances are presented in the order that they appear on the tape.

    Melody of Love
    My Gal Sal
    It's a Sin to Tell a Lie

    Life on the Ocean Wave
    Just Because
    When the Work's All Done This Fall

    Same Old Shalley Papa Brought From Ireland
    Betty Co-ed

    Fortune's Fancy (to 'St. Anne's Reel')
    Sioux City Sue
    Comin' Round the Mountain

    Beautiful Ohio
    That Naughty Waltz

    Red River Valley
    My Little Girl
    Wabash Cannonball

Fox Trots
    I Don't Know why I Love You Like I Do
    Side by Side
    Johnson Rag

    Little old cabin in the lane
    Open up your heart and let's be friends
    Dip and dive 6 in line (to 'Little brown jug')

    Wild Irish Rose
    When Irish Eyes are Smiling
    Irish Lullaby

    Fortune's Frolic (to 'Lamplighter's Hornpipe')
    I want a Girl like the Girl that married dear old dad
    Hot time in the old town tonight


    Beer Barrell Polka
    Too Fat Polka
    Bar Room Polka

    Honolulu Baby
    Open up your heart and let's be friends
    McNamara's Band

    Military Schottische
    Crystal Schottische or the Glide Schottische

Transferred from cassette tape and edited October 2006 by Walter Lenk
Round dance tune titles supplied by Janice Boynton et al
More tunes identified 10/2008 by Adam R. Boyce of Williamstown, VT
If you can identify any of the 'Unknown' items, please let us know.