In 1952 Frank was approached by Sunapee Records to make a set of records of the squares. The recording session They brought their equipment to the Bradford Arena on a Sunday and made the recordings.  It was a long day and no one could speak or make any noise.  Frank had trouble calling without any dancers, as he watched them to keep his place, so he wanted to have a set come in to dance for him.  The record people said that the sound of their feet would ruin the recordings.  No one remembers exactly if that was done, but all agree that knowing Frank, if he wanted it to happen, it did.

Musicians L to R: Robert Messer, Saxophone; Luther Fairbanks, Drums; George Rounds, Banjo; Mike Colby, Fiddle; Unknown Bass payer; Frank Fortune, Caller; Nellie Blake, Piano

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RedRiver Valley Label     Just Because Label     I want a Girl Label
Fortunes Fancy Label     Little old Log Cabin Label     Fortunes Frolic Label
Record Labels and Call sheets scanned in by Myrna Colby Toutant.